History of Sound


%3BreakcoreBreakcoreHardvapourHardvapourBreakcore->HardvapourSpeedcoreSpeedcoreBreakcore->SpeedcoreElectro-industrialElectro-industrialElectro-industrial->BreakcoreDrill 'n' bassDrill 'n' bassDrill 'n' bass->BreakcoreDrum and bassDrum and bassDrum and bass->BreakcoreJungle musicJungle musicJungle music->BreakcoreTechstepTechstepTechstep->Breakcore

Breakcore is a style and microgenre of electronic dance music that emerged from jungle, hardcore, and drum and bass in the mid-to-late 1990s. It is characterized by very complex and intricate breakbeats and a wide palette of sampling sources played at high tempos.