History of Sound

Luk thung

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Luk thung, or Phleng luk thung (Thai: ลูกทุ่ง or เพลงลูกทุ่ง, pronounced [pʰlēːŋ lûːk tʰûŋ], ‘child of the field song’), often known as Thai country music, is an acculturated song genre that emerged after World War II in the central region of Thailand. The genre was derived from phleng Thai sakon, and developed in the early-20th century. Suphan Buri in particular became the center of luk thung music, producing many major artists, including Suraphol Sombatcharoen, and Pumpuang Duangjan. The genre has been prominently popularized in the northeastern region, having from its beginnings drawn upon northeastern mor lam musical traditions and the northeastern Isan language.