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Mexican pop music

%3Mexican pop musicMexican pop musicDuranguenseDuranguenseDuranguense->Mexican pop musicIndigenous music of North AmericaIndigenous music of North AmericaIndigenous music of North America->Mexican pop musicNorteño (music)Norteño (music)Norteño (music)->Mexican pop musicLatin balladLatin balladLatin ballad->Mexican pop musicLatin hip hopLatin hip hopLatin hip hop->Mexican pop musicBanda musicBanda musicBanda music->Mexican pop musicMariachiMariachiMariachi->Mexican pop musicLatin popLatin popLatin pop->Mexican pop musicDiscoDiscoDisco->Mexican pop musicBoleroBoleroBolero->Mexican pop musicPop musicPop musicPop music->Mexican pop musicSon jarochoSon jarochoSon jarocho->Mexican pop musicGruperaGruperaGrupera->Mexican pop musicTejano musicTejano musicTejano music->Mexican pop musicSon huastecoSon huastecoSon huasteco->Mexican pop musicRancheraRancheraRanchera->Mexican pop music

Mexican pop is a music genre produced in Mexico, particularly intended for teenagers and young adults. Mexico is the country that exports the most entertainment in Spanish language. Mexican pop was limited to Latin America until the mid-1990s, when an interest towards this type of music increased after Selena’s, Luis Miguel’s, Paulina Rubio’s, Thalía’s and Angélica María’s debuts before the mainstream USA audience.