History of Sound

New beat

%3New beatNew beatPsychedelic trancePsychedelic tranceNew beat->Psychedelic tranceHardstyleHardstyleNew beat->HardstyleEurodanceEurodanceNew beat->EurodanceUK hard houseUK hard houseNew beat->UK hard houseHardbagHardbagNew beat->HardbagHard tranceHard tranceNew beat->Hard tranceTechnoTechnoNew beat->TechnoGoa tranceGoa tranceNew beat->Goa tranceNitzhonotNitzhonotNew beat->NitzhonotElectronic body musicElectronic body musicElectronic body music->New beatAcid houseAcid houseAcid house->New beatHip hop musicHip hop musicHip hop music->New beatHi-NRGHi-NRGHi-NRG->New beat

New beat is a Belgian electronic dance music genre that fuses elements of new wave, hi-NRG, EBM and hip hop (e.g. scratching). It flourished in Western Europe during the late-1980s. New beat spawned a subgenre called “hard beat” (a blend of EBM, new beat and acid house) and became a key influence on the evolution of European electronic dance music styles such as hardcore and gabber.