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Pinoy hip hop

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Filipino hip-hop or Pinoy hip hop (also known as Pinoy rap) is hip hop music performed by musicians of Filipino descent, both in the Philippines and overseas, especially by Filipino-Americans. The Philippines is known to have had the first hip hop music scene in Asia since the early 1980s, largely due to the country’s historical connections with the United States where hip hop originated. Rap music released in the Philippines has appeared in different languages or dialects such as Tagalog, Bicolano, Chavacano, Cebuano, Ilocano and English. In the Philippines, Francis Magalona and Andrew E. are among the most influential rappers in the country, being the first to release mainstream rap albums. Apl.de.ap of the Black Eyed Peas, Cassie Ventura and Chad Hugo of the Neptunes and N.E.R.D. are am