History of Sound

Post-punk revival

%3Post-punk revivalPost-punk revivalNew raveNew ravePost-punk revival->New raveIndie rockIndie rockIndie rock->Post-punk revivalGarage punk (fusion genre)Garage punk (fusion genre)Garage punk (fusion genre)->Post-punk revivalGarage rockGarage rockGarage rock->Post-punk revivalAlternative rockAlternative rockAlternative rock->Post-punk revivalBritpopBritpopBritpop->Post-punk revivalPost-punkPost-punkPost-punk->Post-punk revivalNew wave of new waveNew wave of new waveNew wave of new wave->Post-punk revival

Post-punk revival (also known as garage rock revival, new wave revival, and new rock revolution) is a genre of indie rock that emerged in the early 2000s as musicians started to play a stripped down and back-to-basics version of guitar rock emerged into the mainstream. Inspired by the original sounds and aesthetics of garage rock, new wave and post-punk. The music ranged from the atonal tracks, to melodic pop songs and popularised distorted guitar sounds.