History of Sound

Southern hip hop

%3Southern hip hopSouthern hip hopSeapunkSeapunkSouthern hip hop->SeapunkMemphis rapMemphis rapSouthern hip hop->Memphis rapPhonkPhonkSouthern hip hop->PhonkLatin trapLatin trapSouthern hip hop->Latin trapTrap musicTrap musicSouthern hip hop->Trap musicCrunkCrunkSouthern hip hop->CrunkSnap musicSnap musicSouthern hip hop->Snap musicCountry rapCountry rapSouthern hip hop->Country rapBounce musicBounce musicSouthern hip hop->Bounce musicMiami bassMiami bassMiami bass->Southern hip hopHip hop musicHip hop musicHip hop music->Southern hip hopKenyan hip hopKenyan hip hopKenyan hip hop->Southern hip hop

Southern hip hop, also known as Southern rap, South Coast hip hop, or dirty south, is a blanket term for a regional genre of American hip hop music that emerged in the Southern United States, especially in Atlanta, New Orleans, Houston, Memphis, and Miami—five cities which constitute the “Southern Network” in rap music.