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UK funky

%3UK funkyUK funkyUK bassUK bassUK funky->UK bassChanga tukiChanga tukiUK funky->Changa tukiAfroswingAfroswingUK funky->AfroswingFunkstepFunkstepUK funky->FunkstepElectro houseElectro houseElectro house->UK funkyFunky houseFunky houseFunky house->UK funkyAfrobeatAfrobeatAfrobeat->UK funkyBroken beatBroken beatBroken beat->UK funkyUK garageUK garageUK garage->UK funkyTribal houseTribal houseTribal house->UK funkySoca musicSoca musicSoca music->UK funky

UK funky (sometimes known as UKF or funky) is a genre of electronic dance music born in United Kingdom that is heavily influenced by Soca, soulful house, tribal house, UK garage, broken beat and grime. Typically, UK funky blends beats, bass loops and synths with African and Latin percussion in the dembow rhythm and contemporary R&B-style vocals.