History of Sound

World music

%3World musicWorld musicAshiqs of AzerbaijanAshiqs of AzerbaijanWorld music->Ashiqs of AzerbaijanPost-progressivePost-progressiveWorld music->Post-progressivePost-punkPost-punkWorld music->Post-punkEthnic electronicaEthnic electronicaWorld music->Ethnic electronicaExoticaExoticaWorld music->ExoticaProgressive folkProgressive folkWorld music->Progressive folkLatin metalLatin metalWorld music->Latin metalTribal houseTribal houseWorld music->Tribal houseFolk metalFolk metalWorld music->Folk metalFolk jazzFolk jazzWorld music->Folk jazzFolktronicaFolktronicaWorld music->FolktronicaChamber jazzChamber jazzWorld music->Chamber jazzWorldbeatWorldbeatWorld music->Worldbeat

World music is an English phrase for styles of music from non-Western countries, including quasi-traditional, intercultural, and traditional music. World music’s inclusive nature and elasticity as a musical category pose obstacles to a universal definition, but its ethic of interest in the culturally exotic is encapsulated in Roots magazine’s description of the genre as “local music from out there”.