History of Sound

Folk music

%3Folk musicFolk musicOld-time musicOld-time musicFolk music->Old-time musicAfro-soulAfro-soulFolk music->Afro-soulProgressive rockProgressive rockFolk music->Progressive rockAppalachian musicAppalachian musicFolk music->Appalachian musicUrban PasifikaUrban PasifikaFolk music->Urban PasifikaPhleng phuea chiwitPhleng phuea chiwitFolk music->Phleng phuea chiwitJam bandJam bandFolk music->Jam bandSchlager musicSchlager musicFolk music->Schlager musicMandopopMandopopFolk music->MandopopNew Weird AmericaNew Weird AmericaFolk music->New Weird AmericaFilk musicFilk musicFolk music->Filk musicTallavaTallavaFolk music->TallavaPhilippine folk musicPhilippine folk musicFolk music->Philippine folk musicNueva canción chilenaNueva canción chilenaFolk music->Nueva canción chilenaOrthodox pop musicOrthodox pop musicFolk music->Orthodox pop musicNueva canciónNueva canciónFolk music->Nueva canciónTraditional popTraditional popFolk music->Traditional popSkiffleSkiffleFolk music->SkiffleCowpunkCowpunkFolk music->CowpunkNeue VolksmusikNeue VolksmusikFolk music->Neue VolksmusikDeuda (genre)Deuda (genre)Folk music->Deuda (genre)Balkan balladBalkan balladFolk music->Balkan balladBalkan brassBalkan brassFolk music->Balkan brassThai pop musicThai pop musicFolk music->Thai pop musicDance musicDance musicFolk music->Dance musicFolk-popFolk-popFolk music->Folk-popFolk punkFolk punkFolk music->Folk punkFolk jazzFolk jazzFolk music->Folk jazzFolk metalFolk metalFolk music->Folk metalAmbasse beyAmbasse beyFolk music->Ambasse beyOi!Oi!Folk music->Oi!RagtimeRagtimeFolk music->RagtimeContemporary folk musicContemporary folk musicFolk music->Contemporary folk musicZhongguo feng (music)Zhongguo feng (music)Folk music->Zhongguo feng (music)JazzJazzFolk music->JazzHip hop tugaHip hop tugaFolk music->Hip hop tugaScrumpy and WesternScrumpy and WesternFolk music->Scrumpy and WesternBluesBluesFolk music->BluesAlternative hip hopAlternative hip hopFolk music->Alternative hip hopRock music of West BengalRock music of West BengalFolk music->Rock music of West BengalAcoustic musicAcoustic musicFolk music->Acoustic musicCountry bluesCountry bluesFolk music->Country bluesLadishahLadishahFolk music->LadishahBritish folk rockBritish folk rockFolk music->British folk rockJewish rockJewish rockFolk music->Jewish rockRock musicRock musicFolk music->Rock musicChamber jazzChamber jazzFolk music->Chamber jazzIndustrial folk musicIndustrial folk musicFolk music->Industrial folk musicJesus musicJesus musicFolk music->Jesus musicStarogradska muzikaStarogradska muzikaStarogradska muzika->Folk music

Folk music is a music genre that includes and the contemporary genre that evolved from the former during the 20th-century folk revival. Some types of folk music may be called world music. Traditional folk music has been defined in several ways: as music transmitted orally, music with unknown composers, music that is played on traditional instruments, music about cultural or national identity, music that changes between generations (folk process), music associated with a people’s folklore, or music performed by custom over a long period of time. It has been contrasted with commercial and classical styles. The term originated in the 19th century, but folk music extends beyond that.