History of Sound

Traditional pop

%3Traditional popTraditional popKayōkyokuKayōkyokuTraditional pop->KayōkyokuNashville soundNashville soundTraditional pop->Nashville soundRyūkōkaRyūkōkaTraditional pop->RyūkōkaAzerbaijani pop musicAzerbaijani pop musicTraditional pop->Azerbaijani pop musicArabic pop musicArabic pop musicTraditional pop->Arabic pop musicRussian popRussian popTraditional pop->Russian popCar songCar songTraditional pop->Car songPop musicPop musicTraditional pop->Pop musicYé-yéYé-yéTraditional pop->Yé-yéSwing musicSwing musicSwing music->Traditional popFolk musicFolk musicFolk music->Traditional pop

Traditional pop (also known as classic pop and pre-rock and roll pop) is Western pop music that generally pre-dates the advent of rock and roll in the mid-1950s. The most popular and enduring songs from this era of music are known as pop standards or American standards. The works of these songwriters and composers are usually considered part of the canon known as the “Great American Songbook”. More generally, the term “standard” can be applied to any popular song that has become very widely known within mainstream culture.